Released by TriStar Pictures, 1992

Starring Matthew Modine, Jennifer Grey, Jack Thompson, Cliff Robertson, Stellan Skarsgard, Rebecca Miller

Screenplay by Rudy Wurlitzer, Mac Gudgeon, Jeff Benjamin & Roger Vaughan. Story by Kimball Livingston

Directed by Carrol Ballard

Produced by Mata Yamamoto and Tom Luddy

Will Parker loses the America's Cup, the world's biggest sailing prize, to the Australians and decides to form his own syndicate to win it back.

"Although 'Wind' seems to have originated as a vague idea about the America's Cup, the screenplay by Rudy Wurlitzer and Mac Gudgeon is more than just serviceable. It's hip, feather-light and sweet-natured. "Wind" is not commonplace movie making. The sailing sequences, including one short, very funny race off Newport involving the kind of small boats you and I might sail, surpass anything I've ever seen on the screen. There are collisions at sea, wrecked spinnakers and freak accidents, like the one during a race when a sailor finds himself hanging upside down from the mast as the other boat gains. These things exhilarate as they threaten to stop the heart." d—Vincent Canby, New York Times

126 min., Color
DVD Edition — 2003

Foreign Versions — "La Fuerza del viento" — (Spain); "Szelek szárnyán" — (Hungary); "Ventos de Vitória" — (Portugal); "Voitto kotiin" — (Finland); "Wind — più forte del vento" — (Italy)