Articles, Short Stories & Publications


2007 — "On Moviemaking: Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid," The Exterminating Angel: Online Archive.

1996, December — "Lynn Davis: Stealing Time," ed. Jean Stein, Grand Street Magazine #59.

1995, November — "Lynn Davis Pictures," Shambhala Sun Magazine.

1993, February — "Go With the Flow," photos by Lynn Davis, Harper's Bazaar.

1991 — "Icebergs and Geysers," ed. Bradford Morrow, "Conjunctions" — Tenth Anniversary Issue, Bard College.

1986 — "There Ain't No Candy Mountain: Robert Frank," ed. Christian Gerig, et al., Der Alltag: Sensationsblatt des Gewoehnlichen.

1967, March 11 — "Fastest Gun in the West," Saturday Evening Post.

1966 — "The Octopus," Summer, ed. George Plimpton, The Paris Review.

Other articles by Rudy Wurlitzer have appeared in This Troubled Vision

Short Stories & Screenplay Excerpts

2008, January — "Excerpt from 'The Drop Edge of Yonder,'" Murdaland Online Magazine: Crime Fiction for the 21st Century.

2007 — "Excerpt from 'The Drop Edge of Yonder,'" Smoke Signals Magazine (

1994, Spring & Summer — "Hard Travel to Sacred Places: An Excerpt," Tricycle: The Buddhist Review.

1994 — "My First Pet," ed. Gary Indiana, "Living With the Animals," Faber and Faber.

1972, May 25 — "Quake" (pre-release publication of the opening section), Rolling Stone Magazine.

1971, April — "Two-Lane Blacktop: A Screenplay," cover story and cover illustration from the film, Esquire Magazine.

1970 — "The First Twenty Objects in My Friend's Apartment Plus My Own," ed. Susan Stein, et al, The Dutton Review.

1969-1970 — "Riding Through — After Reading the First Pages of Louis L’Amore," ed. Donald Phelps, For Now Press.

1968 — "The Boiler Room," Atlantic Magazine Best Short Story of 1968.

1968 — "The Elegant Diversions for Leisure Hours," ed. George Thompson, et al, Mt. Adams Review. Art Association of Cincinnati, Inc.

1966 — "The Boiler Room," ed. Beverly Gross & Richard Giannone, "The Shapes of Fiction: Open and Closed," Holt, Reinhart & Winston.

Other excerpts, a short story and the libretto of In the Penal Colony by Rudy Wurlitzer have appeared in:
Exterminating Angel Press


2007, May 28 — "100 Road Movies," by Jason Wood, BFI Screen Guides. An article about Two-Lane Blacktop, Candy Mountain and other road-related movies.

2006, September — "David Lindsey Wade's Take On 'Two-Lane Blacktop,'" by Jack Neubart, in PDN. An article about Two-Lane Blacktop as the inspiration for a jeans ad photoshoot.

1998, November — "The Writer's Overture: Rudy Wurlitzer," by Jonathan Rosenbaum, in The Journal of the Writer's Guild of America West, An article about Rudy's vision of the counterculture that includes various script inlays.

1992, April 5 — "The Last Days of Max Frisch," by Volker Schloendorf, a Eulogy to Homo Faber author Max Frisch, New York Times.

1984, December 6 — "Daring Dune: Director David Lynch," by Chris Hodenfield, Rolling Stone, No.436, p.26-28.