Shadow of the Wolf


Released by Canal+, Eiffel Productions, Mark Damon, Transfilm Inc., Vision International, 1992

Starring Lou Diamond Phillips, Toshiro Mifune, Jennifer Tilly, Donald Sutherland

Screenplay by Rudy Wurlitzer, Jaques Dorfmann, Evan Jones & David Milhaud, Yves Theriault (Novel)

Directed by Jaques Dorfmann

Produced by Claude Leger

In the 1930's, Agaguk lives a traditional Inuit life. But one day, there is a murder in the tribe and Agaguk becomes a suspect. He must flee through the cold winter of Northen Quebec.


111 min., Color
DVD Edition — 1992

Foreign Versions — "Agaguk"- (Canada); "A Sombra do Lobo" — (Portugal); "In umbra lupului" — (Romania); "L'Ombra del lupo" — (Italy); Der Schatten des Wolfes" — (Germany); "La Sombra del lobo" — (Spain); "Valkoisen suden varjo" — (Finalnd)