Released by Orion Pictures, 1987

Starring Burt Reynolds, Cliff Robertson, Kenneth McMillan, Lauren Hutton, Cynthia Gibb
Screenplay by Christopher Frank (uncredited rewrite by Rudy Wurlitzer), based on a novel by William P Wingate

Directed by Harley Cokliss

Produced by Gérard Croce & Mary Eilts

Malone (Burt Reynolds) has been a "wet" operative for the CIA for many years, serving his country by performing assassinations. He is tired of his job and wants to get out of "the company" and live a normal life. He is looking along the Pacific Northwest for a place to settle down when his much-cherished classic Mustang breaks down outside the town of Comstock. He manages to get to a small gas station and is treated like family by a Vietnam veteran, who is the station's owner, and his daughter. They are suffering from the nefarious activities of a local bigwig Cliff Robertson to take over all the land in the town in a hare-brained development scheme. He soon runs afoul of the town sheriff, who is basically an employee of the developer, but eventually wins his respect. Meanwhile, the CIA is none too pleased to hear of Malone's intended retirement and sends a succession of hit-men after him to ensure that he divulges none of their dirty secrets. Malone destroys the first two killers at some cost to his own well-being. The next assassin turns out to be a woman who is susceptible to his charms. Meanwhile, he has a thorough-going local scoundrel to put out of business.

92 min., Color
VHS Edition Orion Home Video — 1988