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Interviews with Rudy Wurlitzer

2015, January: Rudy Wurlitzer’s Underappreciated Masterpieces, Interviewed by Jonathan Dixon for

2013, May: Rudy Wurlitzer, Interviewed by Alan Licht, The Believer Magazine.

2011, Aug 26: Interview: Rudy Wurlitzer, by Sam Adams, A.V. Club.

2010, Jan 14: Rudolph Wurlitzer Bookworm Interview with Michael Silverblatt, A streaming interview in two parts about Nog, Flats & Quake, KCRW Radio.

2009, Dec: Rudy Wurlitzer with Theodore Hamm, In Conversation by Theodore Hamm, The Brooklyn Rail.

2009, Feb 6: Deconstruction Zone: Conversing with Rudy Wurlitzer: 'A Beaten-up Old Scribbler,' article by Rodger Jacobs, Pop Matters Magazine .

2008, July 24: "The Drop Edge of Yonder: Rudy Wurlitzer" radio interview by Michael Silverblatt from Bookworm on KCRW, an NPR affiliate at Santa Monica College, CA. Listen to or download a podcast of the show, featuring Rudolph Wurlitzer and an excerpt from his bo

2008, June 11: "The Drop Edge of Yonder: Rudy Wurlitzer Rides Nowhere Again," review and interview by Nathan Ihara, LA West.

2008, May 29: "Rudy Wurlitzer regretfully declines the invitation to tap dance on your rubber raft'" review and interview by Maud,

2008, May 21: "On the Drift: Rudy Wurlitzer and the Road to Nowhere," review and interview by Joe O'Brien, Arthur Magazine.

1994: "American Cinema: The Western," Video film clips and interviews with Rudy Wurlitzer, Clint Eastwood, John Wayne and others, Annenberg Media, KCET and BBC.


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