Published in 2009 by Two Dollar Radio

Originally published by Random House, New York in1969

Once in a great while a work of the imagination seizes a moment in a nation's consciousness, shedding an undeniable light on its people, its history. We believe that Flats is that rare book and that Rudolph Wurlitzer is one of the truly authentic voices in contemporary literature.

"This is an excellent book, full of un-healthy mental excitement."      — DONALD BARTHELME

"Remarkable. it's hard to know how good this book is."      THE NEW STATESMEN

" . . .very important in an evolutionary way, showing us directions we could be moving in -- hopefully another sign that the Novel of Bullshit is dead and some kind of re-enlightenment is beginning to arrive, to take hold. Rudolph Wurlitzer is really, really good."      — THOMAS PYNCHON


     Flats cover

ISBN 978-0-9820151-4-8