The Drop Edge of Yonder

Published by Two Dollar Radio, New York, Spring 2008

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In his fifth novel, Rudolph Wurlitzer (“A major American writer.” — Library Journal) has written a classic tale of the western frontier and created one of his most memorable characters in Zebulon, a mountain man whose view of life has been challenged by a curse from a mysterious Native American woman whose lover he inadvertently murdered.

The Drop Edge of Yonder begins in the mountains of Colorado and ends in the far reaches of the Northwest, a journey that includes the beginnings of a Mexican revolution, a voyage across the Gulf of Mexico to Panama, and up the coast of California to San Francisco and the gold fields. Along the trail, Zebulon becomes involved in a series of tragic love triangles, witnesses the death of his mother and father, and confronts the age-old questions of life love, and death, before disappearing into a shadowy realm of myth and legend.

TimeOut Magazine New York — Best Book of 2008

"This brutal, comic novel follows a 19th-century “mountain lunatic” and con artist trying to outrun the law, a spooky hex and his own death, which he may or may not have already experienced. In the process, Wurlitzer develops a dreamy, carnivalesque portrait of the American West, exploring the territory’s mythology even as he wildly entertains." Michael Miller, Books Editor

"Mezmerizing. A western as Celine might have written one. A masterpiece of frontier emptiness and mayhem." — THE TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT (LONDON)

"If Mel Brooks, William Burroughs and Jack Smith collaborated on a scenario for Ramona, then had a falling out and were replaced by Guy Maddin, the result might bear some resemblance to Rudolph Wurlitzer's tender, hair-raising, obscene and gloriously funny new novel, The Drop Edge of Yonder. Wurlitzer is back in top form and is, as always, a somber joy to read." — JOHN ASHBERY

“A wild adventure written by a bard who knows how to keep his audience spellbound by the campfire. And it's a subversive modern novel about the bounds of love and the discontents of civilized life. And it's also an invitation, delivered with an archaic smile, to meditate with a master on letting go." — JUDITH THURMAN

"The Drop Edge of Yonder is Schoemberg playing on a whorehouse piano, Sam Beckett with a six-gun and a sack of rattlesnakes. Rudolph Wurlitzer wrings your heart like a chicken's neck while he shows you the cannibal in the bathroom mirror: our true American myth of origin." GARY INDIANA

"One of the most purely, deeply thrilling, inspired, and inspiring American novels I've read in many years." DENNIS COOPER

"I have never read anything like it. Every page transports the reader from the cerebral to the visceral and back again, back and forth, back and forth, until you start to feel that in the end there is no difference between the two.” — SCOTT SPENCER

"Rudolph Wurlitzer takes no prisoners. An uncompromising, wild and wooly tale."  — SAM SHEPARD

"A hypnotic yarn of poetry and mystical love."  — PATTI SMITH

"Wurlitzer's women make 'Deadwood' look like 'Bonanza.'"  — ROBERT DOWNEY SR

The Drop Edge of Yonder is a book Fellini would have stolen and turned into a major film. He would have used all of Rudolph Wurlitzer’s flamboyant, surreal characters as well as his rich, endlessly imaginative language and storytelling abilities, and he’d swear it was all his. But it’s not. It’s Wurlitzer’s, and he has a sly, subversive humor that I think is probably inimitable. I enjoyed this book immensely.”  — ALAN ARKIN


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